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What is 1xBet payment?

1xBet payment in Ghana

How to easily and quickly carry out 1xBet balance replenishment? How many ways are there? Is there a commission for any method bitcoin deposit? And how quickly, after confirming the operation, will the money be credited to the game account verification?

How to withdraw money from 1xBet Ghana? A sport betting requires a certain amount of money. In offline sweepstakes – cash. In the bookmaker office – funds in the main account number. How to verify account? Considering that the players limit money not only on the Mastercard or VISA, but in cash, on electronic wallets, accounts of other banks, the bookmaker office provided them with the opportunity – 1xBet replenishment in a convenient way and without commission.

Before replenishment of the paypal deposit, you should go through registration and login. You can go to 1xBet.com via a direct link if the BC in the country is blocked. To select 1xBet payment option, click sms code on the dollar icon from any page of the site. From the official website of BC, you can pay online 1xBet accounts in various ways.

  1. With a bank card 1xBet cash out.
  2. Through e-wallets.
  3. From a mobile phone account.
  4. Through payment methods systems.
  5. Through payment terminals.
  6. From the online banking office.
  7. Prepaid Cards.
  8. Cryptocurrency.

1xBet payment

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The manual: how to deposit 1xBet in Ghana?

How to withdraw money from 1xBet account? In the office, click on “Recharge.” In the window 1xBet cash out, select the most suitable option. And enter or deposit the amount. The minimum amount for replenishment is 1 dollar deposit in Ghana.

It is commensurate with the minimum rate maximum payout. The general conditions for replenishing a 1xBet account are prescribed in the BC withdrawal rules in paragraph 7 on the official website. Please note that the bonus provided by the company to newly registered participants does not exempt from replenishment of the deposit. Moreover, it must be played under certain conditions. However, this also applies to other promotional and bonus offers.

  1. So, replenishment of the withdrawal charges are carried out around the clock and seven days a week.
  2. You should not introduce funds to allow them to lie down, and then withdraw without participation in sports disputes.
  3. In case of replenishment of an account from someone else’s bank card or electronic wallet, the bookmaker can return the funds to the owner.
  4. For Bitcoin account holders, the amount to the game account is credited in full, without commission 1xBet minimum deposit.
  5. And now we’ll figure out how to replenish the balance on 1xBet using different tools 1xBet cash out.
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How to deposit 1xBet in Ghana on Bank card

deposit 1xBet Bank card

Bank card paybill number holders are interested in how to fund a 1xBet account through a card.

And this is the most common way.

  1. Click on the “Refill”.
  2. The choice of “Bank cards”.
  3. Entering an amount not less than the minimum – from 1 dollar and above.
  4. In this example, both Visa card and the regional map are on the list of recommended methods.
  5. Enter the amount 1xBet withdrawal.
  6. Click “Next”.
  7. A new window will open, which will redirect to the LiqPay online banking page.
  8. There you need to fill in the necessary fields: card number, expiration date, three-digit CVV code indicated on the back of the card (this data will not be known under reliable protection and by unauthorized persons).
  9. Confirmation of 1xBet payment via online bank or SMS.

On the LiqPay 1xBet withdrawal page in the right block, the payment number is indicated. Write it down. If for some reason the money is not credited to the game account for a long time, this number should be called during a conversation with the operator.

If you are satisfied with the option of replenishing the 1xBet deposit balance with a card, you can simplify it by linking the number to your account 1xBet deposit.

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Online banking and 1xBet deposit

Online banking 1xBet deposit

This method is similar to the previous one. The difference is that you do not need to enter a card number 1xBet withdrawal.

After consent, the system redirects to the website of your bank. You need to log in and continue, enter the amount again (if necessary), double-check the data and confirm the payment. Funds, as in the first case, will be credited instantly how to change currency.

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Phone 1xBet first deposit bonus

Since this option is also popular, consider how to recharge 1xBet from the phone minimum bet amount. Via the top-up button, select “Mobile payments”. In this case, the mobile operator of Ghana is indicated. In your case, it will beline or another.

  1. Enter the amount and your phone. Enter the one that is tied to the profile.
  2. Click on “Recharge” and wait for SMS.
  3. Enter the code from the message into the field and click “Confirm”.

The balance is replenished instantly does have cash out.

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1xBet withdrawal rules with E-wallets

In the age of the Internet, Webmoney, Qiwi, have become a familiar way of sending and receiving payments. In 1xBet deposit BC, this is also possible. Below is a description of how to fund a 1xBet account using e-wallets?

  1. Recharge button.
  2. Type of payment – electronic wallets.
  3. The pop-up window for different systems is slightly different. But the principle is the same. Enter the amount, phone / account number; sometimes you make a choice of the transfer option.
  4. Confirm button. A new window will open, which will redirect to the official website of the electronic payment system. You need to log in here. Next, confirm the operation using a combination of numbers and / or letters.
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Payment terminal and 1xBet cash out

Payment terminal 1xBet

1xBet payment terminals are at every step. It remains only to choose the one that is closer to you. The terminal commission, if any, is almost the same everywhere.

After selecting a terminal, a window opens with the conditions for depositing to the account: amount, terminal services, etc. How to withdraw money Next, go to the device in the city and pay for services. If the menu does not display 1xBet, use the search.

When a window with the familiar logo appears, enter the amount, phone number, load cash and confirm the operation. Check minimum stake, without leaving the terminal, if the balance has been replenished. Otherwise, contact support.

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Additional ways of 1xBet payment

How to cash out? There are still ways to fund your account on 1xBet payment. Not so popular, but also worthy of mention.

  1. Prepaid cards. Similar to those issued by telephone centers and, rarely, Internet service providers. On the card a certain amount of money. By typing a combination of numbers in the computer window, you can replenish the balance.
  2. Cash. Contributions are made at the PPP – Bets Acceptance Point.
  3. Cryptocurrencies 1xBet payment. For example, for Bitcoin, the operation would look like this. There is a multi-character account number and QR-Code. The code must be considered an application, and the number must be remembered, copied or written down.

If you decide to fund your account with 1xBet, but have difficulties, contact the operator. Having chosen a payment method, remember that you can withdraw your winnings only in the same way as you entered, i.e. to the same card of the same bank, to cryptocurrency, to phone or electronic wallet.

And do not forget to print or collect receipts after replenishment.

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I applied the 1xbet promo code when signing up on the website. Now I want to deposit $150 into my account. Will I get $150 back as a bonus?


No, according to the conditions of the welcome offer, you will get back no more than $144. That means that there’s not much sense in depositing more that $144


hey guys, please enlighten me, what payment methods exist for players from Ghana? I’m looking for M pesa or something similar. and one more question. Can I use different payment methods to make a deposit and withdraw my winnings?

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